We are proud to be a Social Enterprise Community Interest Organisation Operating Not For Profit, Registered With Social Enterprise UK. We fly the flag for the model due to it's forward-thinking, modern approach to the real world. We are firmly of the belief that all organisations will follow suit.

Info Products

Thanks to the generosity of Dr. David Alexander, we are the proud owners of the Master Resale Rights to a collection of online courses, of CPD (Continued Professional Development) Standard. We want applicants to run their own Enterprise in partnership with For The Fallen

  • Private Label Rights Training - Learn How To Rebrand, Repackage & Re-sell Information Products For High Margin Profits
  • Learn How To Market And Sell Information Products With Training Provided By Russell Brunson Free To For The Fallen - (Thanks Again Dr.)
  • Learn Social Media & Google Ads Skills

The skills & experience you gain as a Social Entrepreneur will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life and we like to think that one day you may retrain somebody for us or even come back as a volunteer from time to time. A Social Enterprise Partner you will be given an agreement that we will profit share (with figures and rates to be agreed), For The Fallen will get some much-needed revenue and the successful applicant will be a great success and have a new career. We will try to favour applicants who have a connection to HM Armed Forces, or one of our own Members, but as with every registered CIC in the UK we agree to help the wider community at large (our Constitution gives us the right to select somebody we directly benefit but allows us to have free reign when it concerns earning profit for the CIC (which is used to re-invest in the Social Enterprise). We are an asset-locked body and as such any 'surplus' aka profit is used to further the objects of the organisation... and we have plenty of places to utilise it effectively to grow our reach. This is an exciting development, and in preparation we have registered formally with Social Enterprise UK, as they are an excellent advisory body for any Social Entreprenuer.

YouTube Monetisation

Our Blog article on the same subject was at first something that we decided to investigate before publication and it seems that we can potentially earn a tidy amount of revenue from running our own Channel. William has set the framework of the channel up for us and now we are inviting any interested parties to upload content that's suitable. We have a target to reach as soon as possible and intend to use the power of social media to get us the minutes of views we need and the amount of subscribers too! And we have expert training to utilise too:

  • Learn How To Professionally Brand A YouTube Channel.
  • Learn About Audio & Visual Recording, Editing & Production With A Fully Funded Course
  • Learn How To Record Podcasts, Approach Potential Guests & Sponsors & Build A Fully Functioning Media Outlet in the name of For The Fallen.

For The Fallen is a Community Interest Organisation Operating The Social Enterprise Non Profit Model. Entirely Run By Volunteers Using The Peer Led Team Training Ethos With The Focal Point Being The Vastly Knowledgeable & Experienced Founder. Every One Of The Team Has 'Lived Experience' Of 'Military Suicide', A Term Which Is Derived From The Landmark Court Case Won By Founder Jo in 2019 When Dave Jukes' Suicide Became The First Ever HM Armed Forces 'Military Suicide' Recorded On The Death Certificate. As A Result, This Was The Day That PTSD Was Officially Accepted As A Battlefield Injury That Can Cause Death If Untreated.

For The Fallen CIC is a Member of Social Enterprise UK

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